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DO2 Rapid Wrapper

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Wrap your lumber packages with DO2 Rapid Wrapper and benefit from a fast 6 months return on investment.

Entirely designed and manufactured in Quebec, automatic lumber wrapping DO2 Rapid Wrapper offer unmatchable performances. Whether it’s the electrical components, the mechanical and the pneumatic of the wrapper, the design and the structure of its software and its touchscreen, everything have been designed for ease of use. All parts of the wrapping machine is very robust and maintenance free. Designed and built to last, the DO2 Rapid Wrapper is constantly working to optimize the performance of your sawmill.

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Full output line including the packages’ tracking
and production reports.

For optimal performances and efficient production, trust the automatic lumber wrapping DO2 Rapid Wrapper. A packaging speed up to 41 sec. with 8-foot and 47 sec. with the 16-foot, which match the speed of the fastest line in the industry.

Ensure the safety of your employees through the automatic lumber wrapping DO2 Rapid Wrapper. As it works without operator, it prints directly on the canvas, it is working at a steady pace and equipped with safety devices, it will be an ally for your business. This lumber wrapping solution offers great autonomy and is safe for the environment.

ROI of less than one year:

  • Eliminate the cost of packaging;
  • Eliminate the cost of labeling;
  • Eliminate the cost related to the purchase of label;
  • Eliminate the impacts of accidents linked to the packaging tasks (back pain, hand injuries …)

Low cost indelible labels print.

Automatic wrapper uses standard paper and prints directly on the canvas which allows to do it without operator.

The automatic lumber wrapping DO2 Rapid Wrapper is a member of your team in itself. It communicates with your staff using pagers, MMS, reports or lights and it is configured according to your business needs. It can thus pack and stapled timber packages of various sizes. The DO2 Rapid Wrapper is also available with a charger from 1 to 6 paper rolls. With integrated printers, it also protects the wood packets from the weather while identifying it clearly. Its session-access offers different levels of control for maintenance or daily usage with its oversized touch-button interface. Its actions’ procedures and simple troubleshooting make DO2 Rapid Wrapper an ally for your team.

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